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In addition to being the original and longest-running 24/7 Polka radio station, we also have one of the most extensive libraries of polka music.

There are two ways you can make your new CD available to all the IJ’s of 247PolkaHeaven - a digital upload or by snail mail. Once complete, your new CD will be made available to every IJ on the 247PolkaHeaven network. THANK YOU!

Digital Upload: No more mailing a CD to each IJ, eliminating hours or your time, the cost of packaging, postage and CD’s.
  1. Create a new folder on your desktop and name it with your CD name.
  2. Convert all the tracks of your new CD to MP3 files and save each track to your new CD named folder.
  3. Scan the artwork (minimum of front and back covers) to JPEG files and save them in your new CD named folder.
  4. Zip the folder by right clicking on it, point to Send to and then select Compressed (zipped) folder.
  5. Name the ZIP file.
  6. Upload your CD to send: Go to https://wetransfer.com/, agree to the terms and conditions and complete the fields to email your ZIP file to rayz@247polkaheaven.com.

Snail Mail: Mail one copy of your new CD and artwork to Ray Zalokar at the address below.

Ray Zalokar
36292 Reeves Road
Eastlake, Ohio 44095-1624

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Donate by Mail:
P.O. Box 1330
Willoughby, Ohio 44096

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